Kahlil A DeBerry
Founder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kahlil A DeBerry was born in Newark NJ and currently has residency  in the Common Wealth of Virginia. His educational background includes Criminal Justice and Post Grad studies in General Psychology. Though the higher education seems more geared towards human science degrees, tech was always his first love. In 2014, the lightbulb went off and the following year in 2015 gave birth to Perspicuous Media which became Permentech. Kahlil also is a proud member of the Phoenix Coalition. This organization stems from a few of his hometown close friends who are entrepreneurs that formed a mega conglomerate 

Zai-Jahir A DeBerry
Senior Executive Vice President -Entertainment
Zai-Jahir A DeBerry was born in Newark NJ and now resides in the Common Wealth of Virginia. He admired technology at a young age which still resonates today in his early 20's. When he was younger, he would take apart and learn how to reconstruct electronics as a hobby. While in high school class of 2019, he took tech courses and would show interest in tech or anything involving the latest innovation dealing with his father’s business. Witnessing this early in life only made his passion for technology grow as he continued to learn more. Zai-Jahir is currently pursuing a higher education in the technology and believes that today’s technology will revolutionize the world in the future
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Peter Chang
Senior Vice President Innovation Technology
Peter Chang was born and raised in Taiwan and educated till the age of 12 or 6th grade equivalent. His education and higher education continued here in the United States with a bachelor's of Science in Finance in 2000. His first exposure to tech industry was with the mobile communication giant T-Mobile, USA. It gave him a glimpse of the progression from analogue to full digital technologies in the span of less than 10 years.Peter was fascinated by futuristic TV programmings and dreamed about using those fictional technologies at an early age .Peter sees the future and wants to be on the frontline as we are about to enter the age of the information revolution. The greater the access to information, the higher likely hood of new innovations or technologies to become a reality. Peter's goal is to blur the line between science fiction and reality. This is made possible by the use of existing technologies and combining them to create new technologies. Ultimately it will allow the end users to accomplish unfeasible amount of tasks by doing things that were once only available to the rich and famous.
Frances Athena Q. Baraoidan
Executive Administrative Assistant
Frances Athena Q Baraoidan was born and raised in the Philippines and is currently pursuing her passion in providing efficient customer service that focuses on quality. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree Major in Accounting Technology at the age of 20 and was able to gain a Masters Degree in Business Administration in her early 20s. Generally, people would say she works too hard and does too much at a young age but Athena, as they call her, won’t mind because she is a believer that the only way to make our dreams come true is to work hard and smart until we can say that we are living the dream. Additionally, she believes that consistent learning is the key to success. At present, she takes courses that could enhance her skills in order for people to be satisfied with what she can provide.
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Permentech Corporation Has Been Nominated For WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs List

The National Intern Day is approaching and WayUp wants to celebrate for another year the world’s future leaders: Interns! The National Intern Day was created in 2017 and this year it falls on July 29th. WayUp’s objective is to match companies with qualified candidates to fill their internship positions. “When it comes to building a dream career, I believe that internships are among the most impactful experiences a student can have,” – Liz Wessel, Co-Founder & CEO of WayUp Permentech Corporation is determined to provide its interns with an enriching real-world experience and help them develop their skills, but most importantly, ensure that they enjoy their time while working! When will we know if we made it to the top of the list? The answer is mid-August.