Repairs All 4G/5G Gadgets/Drones

We do repairs on smartphones, drones, and other 4G/5G technology.

Drone Innovation Services

We will upgrade your drones so they have the newest technological advancements.

Smart TV/Smart Home/Smart Hub

We will install smart technology into your home to add functionality to your home. From security to smart clocks, we do it all!

Wireless Surveillance

To ensure the protection of your home, we will place surveillance technology around you home to guarantee your safety.

Application Development and Research 

New apps are coming out constantly. Each catered to a different purpose. We work on developing applications to help people with everyday activities.

Smart Technology Consultation 

We will help you adapt to the newest technology by easily explaining the in’s-and-out’s. 


Electric Car Service and Repairs 

With the increase in popularity of electric cars, new mechanicals issues come about. We will service and repair your car to make it operational.

Cell Phone Consultation 

Having trouble getting use to your new phone? We give detailed demonstrations on the functions and uses of a cell phone so you can learn it quickly and effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research and Development

AI is becoming more advanced and prominent in our everyday lives. To keep up with this and lead its development, we center our attention around the growth of AI.