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The Vision

In 2014, entrepreneur Kahlil A. DeBerry had a vision. This vision came when he had the urge to express himself on current issues that he felt dear to and passionate about. Amidst dealing with the rejection and obstacles of getting his 15 minutes to vent, he decided to create his own medium to not only express himself but offer an outlet for others to do so as well. He passed his vision on to his father who was immediately sold and subsequently made C.O.O. and Vice President of a company and decided to name it Perspicuous Media. Perspicuous coming from the Latin origin meaning (TRANSPARENCY). From that point, the sky was the limit in the ideas they had for the company as they began to pave the road in preparation for becoming the newest premier media company born in the internet cloud age.

Perspicuous Media Corporation was officially registered and rooted in Fredericksburg, Virginia on February 15, 2015. During this stage of the company, Perspicuous Media primarily operated in the Radio Broadcasting Station, Podcast/Internet Radio, Remote Broadcasting, and Unsigned Music format business industry within the communications and media sector.


Perspicuous Media’s vision is to foster teamwork, creativity, and individual thought. Our goal is to be like no other media company and deliver all aspects of media coverage with a different spin and an unbiased approach. We also aim to cover stories otherwise not covered in The United States and around the globe. We want to be the premier cloud international outlet whether it’s via broadcasting or video, encompassing advertisement, event planning, strategic marketing, animation, education, basic information and so much more. Perspicuous Media is dedicated to bringing the world transparency from an individual’s point of view. At Perspicuous Media (Now Permentech), we believe that information should come easy; not filtered through rhetoric or colored by bias. We believe in opportunity and individualism. We want to attract talent across the globe and promote the Perspicuous culture and brand to the world.


Permentech is a Media, Entertainment, and Technology innovation and services company. Founded in 2015, starting out as a small media company. Starting out as Perspicuous Media, In 2019, Perspicuous Media added the Entertainment & Technology portion to the companies range of services. Which in short terms made the acronym of PERspicuous-MEdia- ENtertainment-TECHnology (PERMENTECH). The companies wide range of services includes everything from the podcast, podcast production, media production, entertainment, technology, innovation, technical services, and repairs.