Contrary to popular belief, video games can genuinely advance science and technology while also being an addictive pastime. Video games have recently gained a whole new perspective by encouraging kids to major in STEM subjects and assisting with problem-solving in the real world. Let’s look at how video games can one day spur creativity and the resolution of global issues.

It’s okay if some people just don’t like them or don’t have time for them. However, for those who do play video games (and adore them), we advise considering it a method to pick up new skills, develop in your job, and even make money.

Many people think of video games as merely a youngster and teen pastime that they play on the weekends or after school to relax. A growing body of studies, however, contends that video games can significantly advance international relations, from education to disaster aid and beyond.

There has never been a better moment to work in video game production as more businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental organizations use gaming technology for outreach and training. In 2015, the global market for mobile games alone surpassed $43 billion, more than three times the amount of money Hollywood made from box office sales. Video games are effective training grounds for problem-solving abilities.

Did you realize that playing video games can be healthy? There has never been a better moment to perfect your talents due to the rising demand for computer and video game workers. But is there more to how we use gaming as a tool to help us achieve in other aspects of our lives than first appears? Let’s investigate.

from a player to a game maker. By 2016, the global market for video games is predicted to generate $110 billion in revenue, according to Newzoo. As more and more people choose to buy new video games over more conventional entertainment options like movies and television shows, the video game business is flourishing.

Teams of video game designers are employed by a lot of firms, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These businesses are always looking for exceptional people who can add variety and difficulty to their video games. Check out job openings at renowned studios or independent companies that create online or mobile games if you’re interested in a career as a video game designer. Another choice is to launch your own company creating video games. If you’ve worked with computers before or have experience creating them, you might be able to do it from home.