As technology becomes more and more advanced, they take up a greater space in our lives. While this does make life easier and more entertaining for many people, it comes at a cost. This begs the question, does technology have more pros or cons? Let’s look at both sides of this situation to get a better understanding of what technology really means to us.


  1. It makes life easier

Technology has been used to make our lives easier in a magnitude of different ways. GPS along with advanced modes of transportation makes it possible for us to go wherever, whenever. The internet gives us access to any and all information, while also giving us tools to produce any creative works we can dream of. There are many things we do not have to worry about anymore now that we have technology to assist us.

  1. More educational opportunities

Through the power of the internet, anyone has the ability to learn basically anything they want about the world.  There is limitless access to education materials ranging from math concepts to history lessons to content on other cultures. We can know anything about everything happening in the world today, past or present.

  1. It can improve profits

New technologies and machinery can not only allow companies to cut down on costs, but also allow individuals to pursue their dreams from anywhere in the world. There are so many online tools like video conferencing, group text editors and web based team management that makes collaboration easier than ever before.


  1. It can be very environmentally destructive.

In recent years we have begun understanding just how destructive our own technology is. Tons of carbon emissions have been building up in our environment from decades of reliance on fossil fuels. While there are some solutions that people believe can help reduce these harms, there is still a long way for us to go before we can reverse the effects of our pollution. 

  1. It can lead to different health problems.

Even though there are many ways we benefit from the use of technology in our everyday lives, studies have shown that it can also lead to new health problems that were not as much of an issue in the past. There is a great danger that comes from sitting in front of a computer all day. Constant use of technology has shown to also lead to headaches, wrist and eyesight problems, as well as social isolation.

  1. Lack of privacy

Everywhere we go on the internet, companies are collecting our data. Any website we use collects our cookies, and while this may not always be malicious some may find it unethical to have to be subjected to this collection merely for browsing the web. Even in our physical world, technology like CCTVs are used by others to watch us, sometimes without us even realizing. 

So, are there more pros or cons? Ultimately, that is up to the individual. For every great thing that can be done with our amazing, modern technology, there also come many negative consequences.