As new technology comes out our lives are continually changing our lives are too. Each day new inventions are made and some might just change our lives. Here are some recent life-changing technologies.

Voice Assistants

First, we’ll look at voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. These assistants have added ease to our daily lives. From turning off lights to ordering groceries, these devices have taken over many aspects of our lives. We can only expect this trend to continue as new generations of assistants are released.

Video Streaming

Streaming has changed the way we spend our leisure time. Rather than rushing to get home when the baseball game airs, now we can rewatch old games and rewind to the start. Video streaming is also killing out cable services, and in the near future, all of our television needs may be on a streaming app.

Virtual Reality

VR is our fourth piece of tech! While we can use the virtual world to fight zombies or fish, it is also used for long-distance communication. At-home workers have started meeting in the “metaverse” and are now able to communicate more easily! VR will continue to reshape our world as it advances even further.

Social Media

Possibly one of the most life-changing technologies, social media has changed human lives immensely. Many lives are now constantly displayed on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This has affected people’s mental health negatively by only displaying the best and greatest moments of users’ lives. Social media has also reshaped the marketing industry. Small businesses can easily display their products to a wider audience for low costs using social media sites.

Payment / Banking Apps

Finally, payment and banking apps have changed the way we use our money. Rather than call your bank to check your balance, you can now do so in the palm of your hand. Additionally, payment services like Zelle and CashApp allow users to quickly transfer funds for anything from splitting lunch or borrowing ten dollars.

Overall, these technologies have added ease and leisure to our lives. As tech keeps advancing our at-home and work lives should keep improving. Rather than spend our precious time flicking light switches we can now focus on more demanding tasks! We can only speculate how far technology will assist us.