tech trends 2022

When it comes to tech, there is scope for nothing but growth. Every year, new trends are introduced in the tech field which initiates the production of new technological devices, apps, and softwares for the betterment of our personal and professional world. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of different tech trends you can expect to see in 2022. 

1. The Surge in Usage of Tech Digital Tools 

With the spread of the COVID-19, the enforcement of lockdown pushed us to work and study from home through the virtual world. Universities, schools, and companies used virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets and BlueJeans to connect, academically, professionally, and personally. In 2022, human beings are expected to experience a concept of managing both the digital and physical world persistently. 

Many functions will be carried out in the so-called metaverse, including socializing, dating, working, and studying. The usage of digital platforms is only expected to increase in the upcoming years, which will allow us to attain an immersive, valuable, educational, and convincing experience in the digital realm while gaining similar benefits as the physical world.

tech trends 2022

2. Experience Next Level Visualization

Human beings were able to experience virtual realities through headsets. However, many new devices are expected to make their way into the digital market which will allow us to experience different modes of virtual realities at their excellence. 

Apple is expected to launch its AR and VR headset by 2022 as a premium device, according to an article by Apple Insider. The article further revealed that the “device will be a headset that includes both AR and VR capabilities, which could offer a mixed reality experience that can handle games in high-quality virtual reality.” Apple’s AR/VR is also expected to support a faster Wi-Fi for 6E. The expected launch of Apple’s AR and VR headset is a stepping stone to the mixed-reality world we will experience in 2022. 

tech trends 2022

3. The Rise in Usage of Massive Open Online Courses

If there was one thing we learned in 2020 and 2021 regarding the educational landscape, is that it can be done perfectly well no matter where we are located in the world. You could be sitting in Mexico and pursuing your bachelor’s degree from an accredited University in the United Kingdom. Or you could sit in a cafe in Venice and attend your virtual lectures from an accredited university in America. However, if you do not wish to pursue an entire 4-years degree, there are many routes available to hone your skill in a specific area in a short span of time and also attain an accredited certificate from a University, or an online platform. 

This can be done through enrolling in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which can be defined as free courses available for enrollment for all as they provide a flexible and affordable method of advancing one’s career, learning new skills, and attaining a quality educational experience from a laptop or mobile device. Many people from different parts of the world use MOOCs for supplemental learning, career development, upskilling, career shifts, preparing for a specific college major, corporate training & eLearning, or solely for the purpose of lifelong learning.

According to a report by IEEE, MOOCs are expected to surge by 2022 and become one of the most common trends. The report further stated, “MOOCs have the potential to transform the higher-education landscape, siphoning students from traditional universities and altering faculty and student roles.” Projections by Statista further revealed that the global e-learning market is expected to surpass $243 billion U.S dollars by 2022. 

tech trends 2022

4. Everything Likelier to Become AI-Powered through Tech

The rise in the manufacture of different tech devices has further led to the development of AI-powered digital tools we use today. A smart car is a perfect example of that, where facial recognition algorithms detect if the driver is paying attention to the road and alert them if they’re getting tired.

Another example of an AI-powered device is our mobile phones, which are being released every year with more innovative and extensive features such as maintaining call quality, capturing clearer pictures, and apps used for different purposes. Many tools we use in our professional workplace at present are also AI-powered such as voice assistants, tools of language translation, tools allowing us to extract texts and data from pictures or hand-written notes. 

The process of robotics automation is also AI-powered which helps lighten the workload of different business departmental: logistics, administration, and human resources. In short, AI-powered tools and devices are likelier to add convenience to our personal and professional life in 2022, and for many years to come. 

tech trends 2022

5. Faster Internet Connectivity 

A few years ago, we did not have access to the super-fast 5G network. However, that is expected to change in 2022 where we will have access to faster network connectivities that we can use for our convenience. On November 1st, 2021, Amazon announced that they will be launching their first internet satellites in late 2022. The two satellites called KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2 will launch with rocket builder ABL Space on its RS1 vehicle, says Amazon. Amazon plans to build a network of 3,236 satellites through the project Kuiper in the low orbit of the Earth which will help provide fast internet connectivity to anywhere in the world. 

Amazon further stated, “KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2 will include much of technology and sub-systems that power the production version of our satellite design – phased array and parabolic antennas, power and propulsion systems, custom-designed modems, and more.

tech trends 2022

With the current rise in the aforementioned tech trends, there is no denying the fact that IoT, digital tools, artificial intelligence, massive open online courses, and VR tools are the future and are likelier to become an integral part of our professional and personal life.