Digital technology is likely to become increasingly important to our lives. And if you’re interested in a career in psychology, it is important to understand the ways digital technology impacts lives and can change interactions. Not only can a psychology degree teach you about the forces that affect our interactions, but that knowledge can be applied in a wide range of professions, from academia to marketing.

  • We can communicate faster and more cost-effectively. Technology allows us to easily connect with people worldwide using our choice of forums. Via the Internet we can instantly reach almost anyone whether through email, instant message, social media, or countless apps. As the speed of communicating has ramped up, costs have been dramatically reduced.
  • Public Relations are strengthened in a Digital World. Public relations managers must be diligent in the way that communication is used. In the past, high-ranking officials in an organization may have left most communication outside of the business to a PR representative. Now each time senior managers interact with stakeholders, the media and the public, they are vulnerable to misrepresentation.
  • Communication Automation. Automation can provide useful, speedy responses to customer queries, issues, or complaints. After all, consumers say the most important attribute of customer experience is fast response times (75%). You can also create email workflows based on user actions. For example, let’s say you send a webinar invitation. Those who sign up get put into one email sequence with event reminders and so on. Those who don’t sign up enter a different sequence with more nurturing to encourage a sign-up or they receive a different, more relevant offer.
  • Make the Most of Video Chat. It is possible to maintain communications with clients from a remote setting, using apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. What you may still be getting used to, however, is how to get the most from video chat. Be sure to make use of the features your chosen app has to offer. For example, utilize screen sharing on customer service calls as you’ll be able to show, rather than tell, a customer exactly how to fix their problem (or find what they need on your website).
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